As an intern at ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain I created many design pieces including:
I designed advertisements for events that occurred at ECHO that were used on multiple platforms including flyers, Facebook and Instagram. 
I created gift certificates to highlight features that ECHO has to offer: animals, touch tanks, and science investigation. These different designs appeal to all audiences and give options for both adults and children to select. 
During my time at ECHO I also photographed patrons and staff members around museum to use for promotional ads, instagrams, etc. 
I also designed a cautionary sign to be hung in the children's area of the museum. Learned how to design for a 3D space and incorporate details from the surround exhibit. 
Currently, in the process of designing the packaging for a guide return box.
social media design | environmental design | packaging design | poster design | photography | collateral

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