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HA! is a project that is built around the idea of encouraging individuals to incorporate comedy into their habitual routines to help relieve stress.
Why? People who are both fresh out of college and still in college have many stressors in their lives. When it comes to relieving stress, there are limited group activities that they are able to participate in to help combat it. By implementing this project, individuals will see the importance of incorporating comedy into their lives and chose to participate in it. There are many options in which they are able to participate between going to comedy shows in person, listening to podcasts online or watching comedic shows, etc. 
HA! is a project that will help build social connections between people to make them feel grounded. It will aid them in integrating and becoming part of communities that they affiliate themselves with as well.

HA! Process Book

The tone of this project is fun and filled with energy, to mirror what happens when you partake in the action of laughing. Using lots of color and pattern to illustrate these ideas, while also keeping it sleek and simple when the design elements are put into the deliverables.
The primary audience for this project is recent college graduates who are in the liminal space between college and the workforce. These 22, 23, and 24 year olds are searching for connections and community to make them feel grounded in the way they used to feel in college. Graduating college can be very intimidating and can often cause changes like new places, different routines, new and unfamiliar people, etc. This time is an adjustment period as the unknown life that they are settling into becomes more known to them. Comedy during this time would be very beneficial to them as they would be able to meet new people, build connections, and take a break from the transitional time they are in.  

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